You Gun Die AR iOS game

You Gun Die AR Game Review (ARKit)

On my adventures searching for more ARKit first-person shooters I came across a game called “You Gun Die AR”.  It’s a fun little AR shooter where you need to shoot targets all around you, while continuously moving your body to avoid getting hit by skulls coming to your direction.

At the bottom of the screen, you have a radar that shows you where the targets and the skulls are located.  The thing is that you cannot shoot the skulls. Those will disappears after they pass your current location and this is why you need to continuously move and not stay at the same place. If a skull hits you die and its game over.

There are some powers ups that will spawn around the map, like a bomb, auto-fire or extra-life. A bomb will clear up the entire area from skulls and targets, an auto-fire will auto shoot much faster and Extra Life revives you in case you get hit by a skull. You can also buy the power-ups for real money from the in-game store. Useful for those who strive to break their own record and need that extra help.

It’s certainly not an easy game and I recommend playing it in a relatively larger space, preferably outdoors if you only have small rooms like I do. The game is still playable in small tight places because it spawns the targets in the air, not on the ground. That being said, the skulls are the issue here. If you are in a tight place, it makes it harder to avoid skulls coming at you from all directions. You might even bump into a furniture or other items in your house.

The idea of running away from the skulls is nice, but the shooting isn’t that thrilling, to be honest. It’s really a very uninspiring shooter. The power-ups are a nice addition but really don’t add anything interesting to the gameplay itself.

I preferred playing a game like Alien Invaders AR or Zombie Gunship Revenant AR that had much more thing going on the screen, more badass special effects and more thrilling gameplay experience in augmented reality (AR). The game reminds me of another game called Alien Invasion AR, that wasn’t immersive and not fun to play.

The game does have a global leaderboard. You can see the button in the main menu. It seems that I wasn’t that good :), only got 22 points while other people were able to reach more than 100 points. I’m sure playing the game in a larger space would have helped a lot.

The music is nice and gives a good feeling as you move and shoot targets. There is really nothing exciting to talk about visuals, just some nice colorful targets, nice particle effects trailing behind the skull, nice explosions, but overall nothing spectacular that pleased my eyes.


A lot was written in the description of the game and that what made me try it. At the end of the day, it’s a very uninspiring and tiresome first-person shooter. The mechanic that encourages movement is the only thing that I liked in this game and one of the mechanics that made Alien Invaders AR so good. However, the things that go in favor of Alien Invaders that it’s playable also in small places, the gameplay feels more energetic and satisfying, it’s visually more appealing, it adds more interesting gameplay mechanics (e.g. shielded enemies) with emphasis on timing your shots as well as physical location (too close easier to get hit, but easier to take out targets), there are game levels, different type of enemies, etc.

It a skippable ARKit game in my opinion. Nothing really exciting is going for it. If you love first-perosn shooter and search for yet another ARKit FPS title to pass some time, download it and have some fun, but I personally prefer spending time on other ARKit shooters that I know I’ll savor more than this one.