AR Fruits Game Review (ARKit/iOS)

Just finished playing an AR game called AR Fruit. I’ve downloaded it because I felt like playing a shooter after my disappointment with Alien Invasion. The description on the app store seems to get and it sounds found shooting fruits, so, I downloaded it (for free).

AR Fruits Gameplay

The game doesn’t ask you to find a surface anything, you just click play and it deploys a floating island with a cannon on it. That cannon shoots fruits and your goal is to shoot as many fruits as needed to pass each round If you get hit by a fruit you lose one HP, you start with 10. You can also evade the fruits by moving your iPad or iPhone to a different location so they won’t hit your screen.

AR Fruit game screenshot
It’s fun shooting down fruits with big vibrant explosions! (AR Fruits game screenshot)

As you progress through, you’ll need to cope with several of those cannons shooting at you at you, something almost at the same time.

The shooting mechanics are very basic. You have your some sort of a green futuristic laser gun which you can use to shoot the fruit down. You don’t have any limit on the ammo, you can just shoot as many bullets as you want. The bar at the top signifies how many fruits you need to eliminate before you move on to the next level.

A Bug in the Game?

The game had a problem, and I guess it’s the game and not anything that I’ve forgotten to do. I just couldn’t progress after level 7. I test it the second time and it happened on level 9.  I shot many fruits but the progression bar stayed at the same level. I shot like hundreds of fruit and nada, I didn’t get any more. I tried many other things like getting close to the targets, search for a hidden item to shoot or grab, nothing.

AR Fruits game level screenshot, Level 7
I shot and I shot and nothing, the bar stayed full?!

I assume this is a bug in the game that happens randomly at some levels but there no way I could point to the reason why it happens.

I did try to see if there is anybody in the global leaderboard that got a higher score than me, but than I saw that I am not ranked, so what happened here?

Is the Gameplay Fun?

The part that I was able to play it was pretty fun. The shooting feels like you are shooting with a futuristic sniper rifle. You need to be accurate to take down the fruits. The gun projectile is small so it really feels like you are sniping.

The design of the little floating island look nice and the game looks cute overall. The particle effects bot for the fruit’s flight trail and the explosions look really good. The sound effects are also spot on.

That being said, I would probably add some more things to spice the gameplay out, like adding rotational fruit projectiles that spin around and make it hard to shoot them, add the island moving so again, make everything less predictable. As it is, for now, it’s just standing and shooting and because there is infinite ammo, it’s not that hard. Maybe in a higher level, the developer designs the level with more interesting mechanics but because that bug I couldn’t discover it (if it is a bug).

At the end of the round I got to see my time in the game, my total kills, my shoot rate(precision) and my total score alongside by best score.

I went to the game’s description on the App Store to see whether I missed something. I’ve just read that the developer plans to add more play modes soon. He also mentioned multiplayer; this would be interesting.


What should have been a nice AR shooter came as a disappointment. It feels bad because you see that the developer put an effort making it a fun casual shooter. I’ll obviously try to contact the developer and share my feedback.

This ARKit game is free-to-play so you can try it out, but as for now, I wouldn’t recommend it at its current state. If you had a chance to play it, please tell me if you have the same problem. Thanks.