Excellent VR Collecting Card Game for Oculus Quest

Yesterday I was browsing through the SideQuest app to search for some VR games to test out and I came across ‘Cards & Tankers‘, a CCG VR card game for the Oculus Quest. It’s also available for other VR platforms via Steam, so you can play it on the Vive and Oculus Rift as well. It’s also free.

So what make this Virtual Reality card game so attractive? Well, it does use cards, but when you play those cards on a table, they change into a 3D representation of the unity or spell you play. So imagine playing a big elephant creature card–this one will turn into a 3D elephant, one that is animated with sound and visual effects.

I had a wish once that Hearthstone will be something like that, even without VR, but that wish never came true.

I really like how developers take creative use of the VR medium to enhance different game genres and making them more immersive, exciting and fun to play.

Here is video footage I captured playing Cards & Tankards on my Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. Keep in mind that the game is still in early access.

As you can see, the game takes place in a beautiful welcoming tavern. Once you log in you’ll start seeing and hearing other players playing on the tables in the tavern—real players.

You can interact with them using voice and they can see your avatar. Once you are in, you can take the tutorial and start learning how to play the game. If you are familiar with Hearthstone or/and Magic The Gathering, I think you’ll feel right at home and it will take you a few moments to learn how to play. Even by watching the gameplay video above you’ll probably have a good understanding how to play Cards & Tankers.

Overall, I hope that this game will become more popular. There are many social games that miss a player base, but I have a good feeling about this one being different. Enjoy the game!