Beat Saber

What makes Beat Saber such a Great Virtual Reality Game?

I am on a weight loss program, more precisely, a VR fitness program. I am spending a lot of time in VR not just to learn about the medium more but also to lose weight and get into shape.

On that path, I was looking for some virtual reality games that, basically, will make my heart beat faster. Not necessarily games that are designed as fitness apps.

I’ve spent several hours already. I actually got the demo for Oculus Quest 2, but after finishing the tutorial I bought the game (yes, it was that good).

So what makes Beat Saber such a terrific VR game?

  • Mood Lifting – the combination of music and movement is like dancing, it mood lifting. Although this game makes you “Dance” to the rhythm even if you are a bad dance. Maybe I should say “Move” to the rhythm, but let’s call it to dance, because that’s what the definition is, I think.
  • Visual, Music & Movement Harmony – Beat Saber is a rhythmic game. This means that all of the elements in this game, including music, visuals, and gameplay mechanics have to be in synch. That feeling of everything blending so well together produces a well-balanced atmosphere.
  • Stress Reliever – I remember points in my life that my mood was bad because I internalized a lot. Talking with others helps but with music, you allow yourself to unleash both positive and negative emotions into the air as you move your body. This part of the reason I enjoy dancing to the rhythm. You just release your emotions and thoughts into the virtual space.
  • Great Tracks – Beast Saber features some amazing tracks that you enjoy listening to and moving with.
  • It’s Challenging – Beat Saber is challenging and motivating in both that players need to complete the levels and also try to improve their score and conquer the global leaderboard. The global leaderboard is right there for you to see for each level. Also, it requires hand-eye coordination and working with the two hands separately to finish certain levels.
  • Built for Stationary Play – When I first tried Beat Saber, it was great knowing that I can enjoy it in a little space. Unlike, for example, Racket Nx where I needed much more “Safety” space and it also was 360-degree gameplay. This makes the game more comfortable for users, even those with some movement disabilities. When obstacles appear, I just need to lean, not move my legs or the entire body. **360-degrees game mode is available thought.
  • Great as a Fitness App – You can play the game and enjoy a good workout session in VR. That’s the reason I got it in the first place. Yes, you can swear in this game, especially in the more difficult and faster rhythmic levels.
  • Simple yet GlisteningVisuals – Beat Saber visuals are simple, but feature complex geometric shape, dark arena, and glowing lighting effects. The focus is on the gameplay, not to distract users.
  • Lightsaber – Playing with a lightsaber is a fantastic experience, especially for Star Wars fans. There is something satisfying playing with a long item with reach. It’s more comfortable than trying to be accurate and reach things with your hand, yet it’s accurate enough to use and control in the virtual space. To it’s both cool and very accessible as a “pointing device”. It is kind of used like that in the Oculus Quest 2 Controllers as a pointer because it’s accurate and allow users to accurately point to a menu far away from them.
  • Simply Perfected – Light Saber is a simple game that has simple controls and it was also perfected for what it is. It’s hard to nail many mechanics correctly but if you focus on a simple experience and make the mechanics work great for the purpose of the game in virtual reality, people will enjoy it. It’s also very accessible for new VR players regardless of the aga, everyone can enjoy it.
  • Replayability – People who want to be able to finish the levels at the hardest difficulty or want to try out new tracks in DLCs will come back for more. That’s the type of game that you keep in your library for many years to come.
  • It’s great for Oculus Quest – The game is perfect for my Oculus Quest 2, an untethered VR headset with inside-out tracking. This means that although the game was built for stationary play, you can enjoy playing it wherever you like.
  • Short Sessions – I love games that have short gameplay sessions. This is great for busy people who want to have fun in VR and don’t have a lot of time. You can jump in, play a few tracks, have fun, and continue doing other things.
  • Zero” Learning Curve – A game that everyone can pick up and play. You don’t have to be super smart or have experience in anything to enjoy it. The tutorial is very simple, after one minute (Even without) you can start playing.
  • Drummer – When I play the game I feel part of the music like I am a drummer. The picks are the moments that have the strongest emotional impact and when you are a part of it, you feel part of the song and like you are a player in a concert, and not just one, a good one–if you hit the notes at the right time.
  • Steaming – it looks great on steam, especially with a green screen. Make you look cool streaming! Another reason that contributes to its popularity. Also great for sharing on social networks, which greatly increases the virality.

These are a few of the reasons why I found Beat Saber to be a fantastic virtual reality game that I enjoy playing so much on the Oculus Quest 2.

It’s a game that will be on my headset for a long time. You can download a demo and try it out yourself. You can try a tutorial and one level and see whether it’s the right game for you or not.