Racket: NX – Sci-fi Racquetball Meets Pinball in VR

Racket: NX is one of the better Virtual Reality (VR) games that I’ve played on my Oculus Quest 2. Compatible with all popular major headsets, this is my game of choice for doing VR exercise.

I played it on Oculus Quest 2, but you can play it on Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and Valve Index. I played the demo version via SideQuest, but the demo also available on Steam as well.

The game resembles Racquetball but in a sci-fi environment with pinball-style gameplay where you need to clear hexagons before your energy runs out.

What makes this game stand out is how well its developer One Hamsa, perfected the gameplay mechanics for virtual reality.

The game is played in a room-scale standing position and happens 360 degrees around you. The trick is how to make it so that players won’t need to go after the ball—Because, in VR, moving is clunky and can impair the experience.

What the developer has done is once users press the trigger button on the motion controller, the ball is directed towards the racket. This ensures smooth and comfortable gameplay in VR while in a standing position.

The ball also gradually travel to the racket, rather than in very fast pace. Like a magnet. This way, this gives players the option to prepare their body and hand posture to hit the ball and doesn’t require harsh muscle movement. The gameplay therefore feels more comfortable, more harmonized and physically more satisfying and entertaining.

Also users can just tap the trigger on the other motion controller to make the racket spawn on the other hand. It’s those little things that once implemented correctly in virtual reality–make all the difference in the world. It could have been different, but due to intelligent game design for VR, it turned out just perfect.

I recommend trying out the demo.