Math AR app for the Merge Cube

Educational Math AR Game for Kids using the Merge Cube

“Frame” is an educational math app for 1st graders using the Merge Cube. As of the time of reviewing it, the app is in “unreleased” state on Google Play and it’s currently in open beta, just so you know. This means things might change later on by the time the app is fully released.

Math AR app with Japanese background

This app is very simple to use and therefore accessible for young children in the first year at the elementary school, called 1st graders or years 2 in the UK, around 6-7 years of age. I am not an expert in the field, just read about it a little bit on the web and from my understanding, this

In this app, children will be given different math arithmetic question, written (with numbers and arithmetic signs) and visualized, which they need to solve using the Merge Cube.  The arithmetic challenges are based on addition math problems.

As the children solve a certain task, they move on to the next one. One all the challenges are solves for that facet, it will turn into a solid color and then the child will need to move on to the next ones. Each facet brings a different challenge but there is no need to solve it in any particular order.

After the cube is solved, by that I mean, all the arithmetic challenges have been completed, a nice animation appears and all the facets of the cube (except one which is the introductory screen) will be with a different solid color.

I made quite an in-depth review of it. Considering it’s quite a simple app, I hope that you also enjoy the journey seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms here in Japan and at the end there is a nice scene of Himeji Castle in the background.

I hope you enjoy this review (more like a journey). See you in the next review.