Smores! AR puzzle game

Smores! – Physics-based iPhone AR Puzzle Game

Today was a rainy day. I woke up in the morning and decided to search for a fun yet challenging augmented reality (AR) game to start up the day. Well, I actually found one, it’s called Smores!.

Smores! is a physics-based AR game that plays with gravity. You have this marshmallow which you need to guide towards a S’more endpoint. To do this, you need to position different types id object in the scene, move, rotate and resize them to guide the marshmallow through.

You can also place objects on top of other objects by just dragging them so they overlap the other object. The game is really fun. It has 18 levels, which you can play in any particular order, so there is no need to unlock the first one to be able to play the later levels.

Some levels introduce new items, which also apply different forces which you need to experiment with in order to know how to place them properly. Some of the levels were quite challenging for me. The fact that you have so much freedom in using those items is what makes this app fun to play.

It felt like a sandbox game, but with an end goal, and I liked it.

I made an in-depth review about this cool iPhone/iPad AR game and I’m sure that many of you who love puzzle games, will love playing this game after you see my review. Of course, you can alternatively just head on to Apple app store and download it right now for free.

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