Lone Wolf AR

Lone Wolf AR – RPG Game in Augmented Reality Intro App Review

Today was a very special day. Yesterday I’ve downloaded an app called Lone Wolf AR. I was expecting a very simple RPG game in AR, nothing special. Little I know that the app that I was about to use is actually a demo for a full augmented reality RPG game for iOS (ARKit) and Android (ARCore) planned to be released later this year (2019).

In this video review, I didn\t omit the part where I was thinking that I am reviewing a simple AR app before I knew what is all about.  I think that’s the beauty of it, looking at a simple app and realizing that there is something great there and even thinking that this is a huge miss opportunity here. In the same video, I check the app again, because at some point I just couldn’t believe that Lone Wolf AR is just a simple AR app, there must be something bigger than this, I said to myself. It just didn’t add up, the visuals very very good, same goes to the animation, the gameplay mechanics—and overall I really enjoyed the various experiences.

After reading on the company’s website that this is indeed just a demo for a fully fledged outdoor (can also be played indoors) role-playing augmented reality game, I was so excited. I came home fast just to be able to share my excitement with you, but I think you can clearly see in the video that I was blown away since the beginning.

Here is a quote from the official website (lonewolfar.com) explain what the game is about:

“Befriend wizards, fight monsters, develop skills, learn magic and solve puzzles while progressing on your path to becoming a Kai Lord.”.

In the review, I go over the top and even talk about the things that I really want to see in the game and come up with some ideas. I usually don’t make such long reviews, but I really wanted to share my ENTIRE experience with you and see how this simple demo app inspired me and excited me so much.

OK, without further ado, let’s check out the long review of this small but great demo app for an upcoming outdoor RPG AR game for iOS and Android called Lone Wolf AR.

If this game is a fraction of what I imagine it, it would be awesome. Of course, this is not a demo of the game itself, but just a collection of gameplay mechanics, visuals and animations that we expect to see in the game. I don’t expect the melee fight to be that easy, and of course, I want to feel the need to move and avoid enemy attacks while fighting in melee combat. The developer, Visionizar, mentioned in the FAQ page on their official website that the game is currently in development and it is planned to be released later in 2019.

This won’t be the first augmented reality RPG game, because I tried several others, but I think it will be the first tone that is actually good and I will want to be invested in it. Would you want to play a Skyrim game in augmented reality in the real world? If so, I have a feeling that this game will give us something close to that experience, but again, I haven’t played the game as it wasn’t released as of the time of writing this article and making the demo app video review.

I also found out that Lone Wolf is a series of 29 gamebooks created by Joe Dever. It was first published in 1984 and sold more than 9 millions copies worldwide. I haven’t read any of the books, and maybe it’s time to learn more about Lone World lore before jumping into the game.

I do hope that it will be more than just a Pokemon GO-style game and it will add more original gameplay mechanics that more resembles a traditional RPG game than games like Ghostbusters World, The Walking Dead Our World, and Pokemon GO. Based on the app, it seems to me that the developer wants to bring something else to the table and inject more creativity and original gameplay into this RPG AR experience, so I am optimistic that this game will be different than other outdoor AR games with RPG elements that I’ve already played.

A quick overview of the things I liked about the demo:

  • 3D quality of the model and animations
  • Combat mechanics, simple yet feels responsive and immersive
  • Melee combat in AR is really fun!
  • Vibrant visual effects and good visuals without any drops of frame rate (running on my OnePlus 6 phone)
  • Clean UI that also matches the theme of the game.
  • Bow and arrow shooting mechanics felt great
  • Seeing the weapon in first-person, great once you unlock cool new weapons in the full game (if this is applicable)
  • Defensive mechanics using spells or physical (e.g. shield)
  • Spellcasting system
  • Big and clear surface AR mark
  • Stun system when blocking upon enemy attack
  • Life-size characters
  • and more

I will make a second video, hopefully, if I have time, to talk about the things that I would like to see in an RPG game in general, and hopefully will get to see those in Lone Wolf AR as well.

I don’t know the exact release date, but when I do, I’ll share it with you and of course, you can also subscribe to the newsletter on the official website to get notified when this game is released and follow the developer on its Twitter page, facebook page, and other social channels.

I hope you enjoy the full review of this app. I know it’s long, but again, I wasn’t ready for such a big surprise and I do hope that the game itself will stand up to my expectations. The first impressions are very positive as you can clearly tell from my video about the Lone Wolf AR demo app that the developer has released just recently.

Oh, one last thing. Lone wolf will come probably at around the time Niantic’s upcoming title Harry Potter Wizards Unite title arrives, which is probably due in this summer based on what I’ve read. I’m sure there will be many people playing this highly anticipated AR game, so I hope Lone Wolf won’t be overshadowed by this release and not just be picked up by its fans. I know from my own experience that it’s hard to keep up with two location-based AR games. This why I was glad to hear that the company who developed Lone Wolf also enable indoor gameplay as well, which depends on how Harry Potter Wizards Unite plays, it might be possible, for players including myself to keep up with two location-based augmented reality games rather than just focus on one. We need to wait and see how all this turned out for Visionizar, the developer of Lone Wolf AR.

This is it, more cool content is coming, so stay tuned and see you on the next video (If you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, what are you waiting for!)