Virtual 3D food vs real food

Lifelike 3D Food Restaurant Menu AR App

Today I’ve decided to re-review Kabaq Augmented Reality Food app and make a video about it. To make sure I fully understand its benefits, I went to a local restaurant, set near the table, and launch the app there. Although that specific restaurant wasn’t supported by Kabaq, being in a restaurant, helped me fully comprehend Kabaq’s advantages when it comes to menu-based food ordering.

I did order food, and until my food arrived, I had like 20 minutes or so to fully appreciate Kabaq’s food scanning technology and how useful it is for making food selection in restaurants an immersive, useful and exciting experience.

The 3D models of the food items look photorealistic, and it’s very hard to tell if the food is virtual or real. The 3d food items have high-resolution textures and high-poly 3d models. The soft shadows and unmatched lighting compared to where I was kind of revealed the difference. So, of course, there are ways to improve upon the current technology, but this is by far the most persuasive 3D food scanning I’ve seen in an augmented reality (AR) app to date.

In my review, I demonstrate and talk about the difference between ordering food using a standard menu and that of Kabaq’s.  Seeing the food in AR enhanced my appetite times fold compared to seeing a similar dish in the standard menu. This can definitely help increase sells and if there was digital scent technology, it would be the ultimate 3D food menu AR experience.

I went that extra step in order to fully comprehend the benefits of this app. I first thought, hey, that looks cool but is this really something that can enhance many of the use case experiences that Kabaq is aiming for with this app? After trying it again, and more in-depth this time, the answer is clearly yes.

The review was done using my Android (OnePlus 6) smartphone.

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