Dragon flying at Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan

Breathtaking Video of a Dragon Flying at Golden Pavilion

Yesterday I visited Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto, Japan. I came to the place for the second time and I had a particular reason.

I took Vixeo app with me. I already reviewed Vixeo AR app previously.

When I talk about my fantasy about playing an MMORPG mixed reality game outdoors with friends, playing a raid and slaying a dragon – I thought it isn’t enough. I wanted to create a breathtaking scene that can inspire developers and creators to think about such a game, and so I did.

In this video below, I explain how I create that scene using Vixeo AR Movie Maker app for iOS. The thing is that it’s very easy to create a scene like that, and Vixeo isn’t a prototyping app, but an AR camera app where you can position 3d models in the real world, animate and move them around.

I knew that placing dragons and make them flying around this stunning Zen Buddhist template will look awesome and can make people realize how amazing it would be playing a mixed reality game with dragons, raiding at that same (or other) place with other people.

Before that, I was writing a lot about it: outdoor AR games, large-scale AR games,  and other articles related to these type of games.

I also create a scene with a dragon using image editing, but it looks weird and it didn’t really transfer the emotions I wanted.

receiving legendary pistol in augmented reality RPG game
won’t you go out to a remote location just to play a game like this?

Now that I was located in Osaka and Kyoto was just 30 minutes away (less or more depends on the train you take) it was time to try to create that awe-inspiring scene that I imagined.

Equipped with my iPad and Vixeo app installed, I got straight to the job. Placing the dragon, testing the scene with different 3d model sizes, moving it and seeing which animations will suit best.

So without further ado, check out the video. If you enjoy this video and find it inspiring, please don’t forget to share it with friends, this will help a lot—Thank you!