Food AR experiences

Augmented Reality Food is Going to be a Big Hit

Today I ate a delicious black sesame ice cream in Kyoto but something was missing. I wanted, when I eat the ice cream, to have some virtual effects and a little creature that moves and try to evade when I take a bite or lick the ice cream. I thought to myself, hey, this is an amazing idea!. I am not talking about virtual content on boxes, but on the food, as you eat, adaptable to the current food look, if it is ice cream, the cone and the ice cream itself, also for the complementary accessories, the consumer’s hand, etc.

black sesame ice creamNow if we think about it a bit forward, you can imagine people visiting McDonald’sand ordering an AR meal, wearing their mixed reality glasses and having one amazing meal with funny cartoon-ish creature entertaining them as they eat. Maybe it’s better not to make it too funny because people might choke.

Now imagine getting into a restaurant where every dish has a unique “AR show”. We can even have interactive AR characters that respond to users and maybe tell some things from past experiences (progressive characters). Consumers can even ask questions what’s on the menu and give consumers a great time as they enjoy their meal. On the why not add some other cool AR entertainment in the restaurant that exists outside of the meal.

I think that McDonald’s will love this idea, but I am also want to see some ice creams boxes with that idea, maybe Nestle, Ben & Jerry’s,  Haagen-Dazs will make something about this idea, will see.

OK, you know me, I can write a book about this idea. This is an initial post and of course, you can see where this is going. It can be huge because people love being entertained when they eat. This is an amazing idea for children’s meal but of course, anyone can enjoy this.

I want to hear what you think and what ideas you have to add on top of this “draft”. Thanks (let those deep learning algorithms start working!).