AR classroom

Educational App for Children to Learn the ABC and Numbers

Today I downloaded an app called AR Classroom by ags12. An educational augmented reality app for children (probably for ages around 4-5 yeard old) that enable them to learn letters, numbers and shapes through a game, in this case, an iOS game for iPhone and iPad.

In this game, a child holds the iPhone and moves around the environment. The app then drops either cubes (for letters and numbers) or shapes on the floor in a large quantity. It’s up for the child to search for the right cube that corresponds to the letter or number that he or she is required to find, or shape if they have chosen the ‘Shapes” game mode.

This educational game is very simple and intuitive. All the child has to do is just point the iPhone or iPad towards the floor and the game will start automatically.

I like the fact that this game doesn’t require holding the device upwards, which minimize hand fatigue and is therefore suitable for children at young age, which otherwise would have been uncomfortable or for some even inaccessible.

The continuous dropping of blocks as you move is also something that I found fun and exciting, rather than having the blocks initially placed without any this type of dynamics. due to that, the AR experience felt fresh and exciting.

It’s great seeing developers thinking of ways to create compelling educational apps that lead to interest in encouraging engagement and help children gain knowledge and also have some degree of mild physical activity, and as we know, children are very active in this ages. Having said that, in the area where many children own mobile phones, you see children just sitting in place and focusing on the screen. This why I like the way this game is designed, and even as an adult, I found it visually appealing and fun to play.

I do have my remarks and I mentioned those in the video. We need more of those accessible and intuitive educational apps and I’m sure we are going to see more and more of those in 2019.

Download AR Classroom free for iPhone and iPad here.