VR acting app

A Social Acting VR Platform for Creating Virtual Plays

Today I was using Snapchat and I enjoyed making some silly faces with some AR overlays. However, there is part of me that is always attracted to acting. I feel a need to unleash all the emotions within me, in a way that I won’t be embarrassed to do so, and in a way that can inspire and move others.

I was thinking about a virtual reality application, A virtual reality platform that allows us to take the form of a virtual character and perform inside pre-defined virtual scene (or real if this is in AR/MR) or a scene that we create (can be designed and shared between users).

There, in that virtual place, in the shoes of my new virtual avatar identity (or the real one if I choose to), We can be free to create an act, be free to open and share our emotions to the world and let others be moved and inspired by our acts

We might have different categories, like acts from movies, plays, storytelling, auditions for plays, etc. We can create a video on demand or stream it live. Virtual characters are becoming a way for many users to better express themselves online and ins some cases a way for people who prefer not revealing their true identity or want to stay anonymous, a place to still be able to share their persona online without worrying about the negative implications of exposure.

For that, it’s better if we have features like a full-body tracking, voice modification, a scene editor, and a built-in social platform for sharing act (on-demand or live streams). If supposed to be a way for anyone to be able to express themselves. It should have an avatar builder built-in the app, where people can create their own unique custom avatar that they design using simple tools. The app should allow users with simple steps to create very unique virtual avatars and those will be controlled by the actor, you.

All you need to do is start recording and do your act. To make it more immersive, we need also to have an option to add sound effects, background music and allow two or more users to create a multi-user act, even if they don’t reside in the same place. An acting collaboration for creating short videos and publish it on the platform, how amazing this can be. We should also have an automatic/manual translation for those people watching the act in other languages.

To make it fun for the actor, we need to add some feedback gestures that are visible for the actor as he or she odes their act.

I see this is as a really great social platform that can be much more than just silly faces. A platform that allows us to open our mind, share our deep emotions and this is important, GET EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED with other people around us.

It’s easier to get emotionally attached when you see someone shares his feelings online in a video or a TV show, but it’s hard for many of us to do so with others. The thing is that the benefits from this are huge. We can find people that wouldn’t otherwise know who we really are, because we find it hard to express our feelings with people who we don’t know, especially online.

Maybe being able to get into a virtual figure, can allow us to achieve things that otherwise we wouldn’t. I can tell you about myself. I can be very enthusiastic around people I know, but shy with people I don’t know. Sometimes I feel that I want others to know me better, but cautious of opening up my feelings to others.

Aside from that part, having an acting platform can be great for people who are learning acting and want to hear what other people think about their act but of course this is for everyone, and we can actually discover new talents like that whom this platform will become their social film studio. Maybe we can add roles to an act, like director, producer, allow funding for projects, etc.

This is just a small bit of that idea and something that I was thinking about. I am planning to purchase the Oculus Quest VR headset this year, and I was starting to read more about technologies related to VR and I asked myself what type of social application I want to use in virtual reality, one that can serve an important purpose in helping other people socialize with each other, and help us discover the true inner self of those people online which we interact with, no matter where we are.

I want to hear what you think about this idea. Thanks for reading.