Physics AR Game

ARchitect – Augmented Reality Physics Game for iOS

Twinkl ARchitect is a fantastic augmented reality physics game. It’s one of those games that I was eager to play in AR. I’ve already played Playground AR: Physics Sandbox, but I was eager to have something that resembles a game than a sandbox simulation environment. I wanted to have objectives and know when I fail and when I succeed.

This is where Twinkl ARchitect comes in. It features several levels, wherein each one you have an objective. For example, trying to pull out 20 blocks without making the structure collapse, try to build a tower 15 meters high, try to build a bridge and see if the truck can pass over it, etc. These objectives what made the game very entertaining and challenging and I really enjoy that. Of course, I also enjoy just toying around with items and physics as well.

Playground AR integrated game building blocks and it’s definitely going in the right direction, but it didn’t compile it into a constructed level where it’s very clear that there is an objective to fulfill. I still prefer Playground AR when it comes to sandbox environment because it features many more items to toy around with compared to the ARchitect app.

If you are searching for a free iOS physics game with educational value and one that also has a sandbox game mode, I’m sure you are going to enjoy Twinkl ARChitect. There are things that can be improved, including adding more levels, adding more items, improving the UI to make it less obstructive to the AR experience, maybe having the option to see the actual force values for educational purposes, etc.

Overall, I am happy to come across this game and I definitely going to keep it installed and play with it more.

You can download Twinkl ARchitect for iOS (free) from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) here.