Block My World

Block My World Video Review (iOS)

Block My World is a creativity app for iOS. Users can use primitive shaped blocks to build anything on their mind in augmented reality. You can change the blocks texture, color, rotate it and move it around. There is even a snapping option which enables easy and accurate positioning of a block perfectly aligned to another block, just so you can have more control over the alignment of the blocks.

That being said, Block My World doesn’t have social features, like sharing your work within the app or downloading other people’s projects, but it doesn’t allow you to save and load your work.

There is also some nice interaction, like the ability to pock objects, which can lead to some pretty neat interactions, nothing close to Playground AR though, much simpler.

I like the idea of having large blocks because I could create some large structures easily outdoors that look quite impressive. Having said that, there isn’t any control over the size of the blocks, just fixed sizes for each one.

I did found other building block apps like Tayasui Blocks, Dig! for Merge Cube, and Makebox AR to be more exciting to play, with more creative and sharing options. Still, Block My World was easy to learn, it has a built-in camera feature, and some other neat feature that you won’t find on other apps.

Check out my video review for more information.

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