Object Viewer for Merge Cube

Object Viewer for Merge Cube – App Review (video)

Today I’ve downloaded an app called ‘Object Viewer for MERGE Cube’ from both the App Store and Google Play and tried it out on my iPad and on my OnePlus 6 phone.

Object Viewer for Merge Cube, like its name suggests, is a 3D object viewer that was designed to work with the Merge Cube AR/VR accessory. The cube doesn’t come with the app, you need to purchase it individually.

So the idea is that you can view and share 3D objects and people who use the app can hold the 3D model in their hands, rotate and manipulate it in a very natural and convenient way. You can easily view the 3D model from different angles and even edit it by changing its location relative to the Merge Cube, resize it, and rotate it.

You can use it to allow other users or yourself to just observe the object or even enjoy putting unique objects for entertaining purposes, like a sword or a ship that kids can fly in mid-air.

Users can import their own objects by importing 3d models in one of the supported file formats. You upload the file to miniverse.io website, and once the file is stored on the server, you get a unique code that once entered in the app will pull it from the server to the device for viewing.

In my review, you can see me importing an SVG file into Vectary.com (online 3d editing environment), converting it to an “.SLT” file format, one of the supported file formats of the viewer, uploading it to miniverse.io and then using the code to import it to the device and view it.

Now, they are many other more popular and more advanced 3d model viewers like Sketchfab that do support AR viewing as well, but here you have the option to use the Merge Cube to easily manipulate the 3D objects around, which might be useful for some use cases but I am not deep into the field to know those type of uses. I just know as a user that it’s very easy to manipulate the objects this way.