AR Business Card

AR Business Card App by Panther Studio

Today I tried up an app called ‘AR Business Card‘ by Panther Studio. The company behind it specialized in 3d rendering and 3d animation and has done works in the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality, character animation and 3d architectural visualization based on what I’ve read on their website.

This app demonstrates how you can turn a marker-based business card and utilize augmented reality to make it more interesting, unique, useful and inject interactive digital functionality into it using an accompanying app, which in this case, it’s the AR Business Card app.

In order to make the magic work, you’ll need to download an attached screenshot or print a PDF (linked in the description of the app on the app store). Once you do that, you need to launch the app and point it onto the market and then the augmented links and 3D models will appear on top of it. There are two different business cards, the top one also comes with a subtle sliding animation and the second one uses a panther 3D model, a static 3D model without any animation.

This is a very simple version and obviously, theoretically (not demonstrated here) there are many ways you can further enrich the viewing experience by adding more advanced interactive functionality, visual effects, sound and so on.

I mean, I have seen some more visually impressive implementations of this idea, including ones of Oscar Falmer’s where the AR content extends way beyond the physical card and makes the business cards feels like a base of a webpage where the augmented information is displayed. However, the idea remains the same. Oscar did make the physical card remains untouched, just with slight flickering animation, which I like. This way, you give “respect” to the original physical card, while adding interactive functionality and enhancing it visually with augmented content around it. Because it’s an app, obviously any advanced functionality can be implemented, including videos, links, touch-gesture interaction and everything that can be applicative in a standard app can be used here as well.

If you like this app, you can check it out yourself. You can download it from Google Play here. The link to the PDF of the markered business cards is in the description of the app on Google Play.