No Sorting Option on Google Play – Am I Missing Something?

One of the things that annoy me the most right now is the inability to quickly discover new augmented reality apps on Google Play.

Now let me explain to you what I mean. Take a look at the image below.

App Store, sort apps by release date
App Store, sort apps by release date

That image is a screenshot from Apple’s App Store. I used this search for a year trying to discover new augmented reality games, those who might not be listed in the main AR category. I can write something like “ARKit”, “AR”, “Augmented Reality”, arrange the results by Release Date (descending) and see newly released or upcoming AR apps – Simple!

Apple also has an AR category, which also makes it easy to discover great new apps that you might not discover easily using search.

Now let’s take a look at this image, a screenshot of Google Play.

Google Play, no sorting option
Google Play, no sorting option

Can you see what is missing? No sorting option. Now, maybe I am missing something, and I tried to ask this question over the web, I didn’t get many answers, and the only information I found was on reddit and their people say that this feature doesn’t exist. I’ve also found out that in 2016 Google removed the sorting option in its search engine for mobile. Is there something wrong with offering an option for users to sort search results by descending date?

My goal is to search for certain apps by keyword(s) and arrange them by release date from the new ones to the older ones, simple, but apparently not.

Now, Apple has this implemented with other sorting options including relevance, popularity, and rating as well. This is very useful because it helps answer questions that users might ask, like myself: “What are the latest AR games on the app store?”.

Now it would be a bit less bad if there were dates in the search results, but there isn’t, just the name of the app, company name, file size, rating, and the app’s thumbnail.

The web version of Google Play has sorting and filtering options, for example, All prices, Free, Paid, All ratings, 4+ star rating. Still, this doesn’t help me out.

I remember that someone talked about that there is a specific category for AR games on Google Play, but I am not sure, nor I was able to find it.

Anyways, bottom line is that I need your help on this. I might be missing something that might be right in front of my eyes, or it is not there at all and I need to know about it.

Right now, I use Twitter as my search engine for picking up news about newly announced and release AR apps, but obviously, I would have preferred doing this within the Google Play itself.