Angry Birds for Magic Leap One

Angry Birds in Mixed Reality – Coming to Magic Leap!

I have to tell you, I was so excited to hear about Angry Birds making its first debut into Mixed Reality. This great announcement came out on September 19 by Resolution Games on their Twitter (that’s where I saw it), followed by Magic Leap on their own Twitter page.

I love Angry Birds, it was one of my own time favorite mobile games. There is always a warm place in my heart for this strategic puzzler.

The thing is with the mixed reality version for Magic Leap, is that now you can play Angry Birds in the first person perspective, and nothing better to experience that than in mixed reality.

Resolution Games, the developer of the title, has released a sneak pick at the game, a 43-second gameplay video. Just seeing this video I could tell that it’s going to be such a more personal, unique and different experience compared to the original mobile title.

Having said that, it’s not that I haven’t played something quite similar in augmented reality. That game is called Rocket Cows. I loved that AR game so much. It’s actually an augmented reality take on the same type of shooter game. However, instead of birds, you are shooting cows with rockets on their back, each rocket has its own unique and interesting behavior.

Here, take a look.

Now, Angry Birds for Magic Leap One is going to be a different game, because you are now playing with a controller that serves as a slingshot.  Judging by the video, you can see that Resolution Games injected a lot of persona into the game. Just look how Terence, the red bird, looks at the player while being tight to the slingshot. That type of character-and-player interaction is just so satisfying, and I am sure there is much more than that.  It’s really funny to see how the green pig waves at the player, only to fall a second later.

That game looks like a really fun game to play in mixed reality.I personally hope that it was made to force the player to move around the structure to search for the right angles to shoot. Judging by the gameplay video, it seems that it is. At the 30-second mark, you can see the player shooting at a different angle, which might suggest that the gameplay will enforce the player to take the right angle to nail it right.

The reason I want it is because it adds another layer of complexity to the game,  kind of like playing worms in 3D if you know what I mean. So it’s not just the vertical angle and power that you need to take into account, you have a complete freedom in taking the shot from any angle. If that’s the case, it will be so dope.

It’s great seeing Magic Leap teaming up with Resolution Games to bring up some great games. I’m sure there were people that thought that the main focus will be business and we probably won’t be seeing any major partnership with a big gaming studio, well, those people were wrong. I’m sure Magic Leap has a lot of more surprises in its sleeves.

on the less bright side. There will be so many people seeing this gameplay and won’t be able to play it, because of the high price of the system (yeh, I am among those, unfortunately).  As popular as that game franchise is, it wasn’t designed to help Magic Leap to appeal to the mass market. Why? because at the end of the day it boils down to the system cost. There will be many people, especially many Angry Birds fans that will only enjoy this game by watching videos of it, not being able to buy it.

I make this logic very simple for you. Would you buy a phone or a console at $2300 price tag just to be able to play an amazing title or a few titles? Well, you understand the problem.

The other thing is that this Angry Birds FPS Mixed Reality game is coming out this fall, yes, this fall. It’s not that Rovio is releasing this game for a future consumer version of the headset. Having said that, this is in no doubt an amazing way to thank everyone who bought the headset, both developers and non-developers who paid a premium price for the unit, and for that, we need to thank Magic Leap for that. I personally really appreciate that move. IF I was among those who paid a premium price for the headset, I would have liked to get more substance in return, and what a great way to do it by letting consumers enjoy a game from a triple-A mobile dev and from a very popular franchise.

So you see, there are two sides to that coin. For me, I just get excited seeing other people get excited and happy to see Magic Leap pampering its loyal customers. Can’t wait to see more gameplay videos of this game.

Image credit: Rovio