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Slapstick – App Review (iOS)

Slapstick is a free AR sticker app. It features flat colorful cartoon-style animated AR stickers in various categories, including Portals, Kinky, Celebration, XOXO, Face Parts, FX, Arm, House Party.

When you go to the category page you can see a nice preview of the stickers that can inspire how to use them to create funny photos and videos of your own.

This app reminds some of the apps that I used in the past, like Moodys, and Bemo. I really enjoy using Moodys when I was in Seoul. I enjoy placing stickers on objects and creating a funny scene and share it online on my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Using Slapstick app on a picture of a womanKeep in mind that these are not 3D AR stickers like the one that comes in the Google Pixel 2. There is no interaction between two or more stickers either. It’s just simple animations with transparency that you can put on objects and surfaces.

One issue that I have with most of those AR sticker apps is the most of them don’t have any built-in social messaging app or ways to directly share their creation in a closed dedicated community. When people want to use stickers and emojis that prefer using them in social messaging apps that they already use, like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and others.

Those type of AR sticker apps bring some nice animation loops with cool sound effects and Slapstick even allows you to rotate, flip, resize and toggle the stickers within the z-axis (depth).

Decent amount of AR stickers to choose from.
Decent amount of AR stickers to choose from.

There is a difference between stickers used in a social app and app like Slapstick. Apps like Slapstick are designed to help users to design a unique scene, not put stickers while engaging in a social conversation.

When I create something with this app, I do want to be able to share it online with other users that already use the app and see what other people are creating with it. The second one is probably the more important one. This feature can act as a vital tool to boost the popularity of the app and make people want to engage with it on a frequent basis. I just can’t underline enough the importance of having a social feature.

The thing is that creating a platform for it require much extra work and more complex computing infrastructure (e.g. CDN, database), and client-server side work and maintenance.among other things. For many indie developers, this is to much work. However, I checked the company Portfolio on and it’s quite impressive, to say the least. It has three offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Sydney from what I’ve seen. For me, it seems that they are just maybe testing the ground with this app.


Many AR stickers
Testing the app limits. Apparently, there is a cap 🙂

did like the art style but didn’t quite like the animation that change in size because it doesn’t really work well when you try to fit it on a fixed size object. For example, the mouth that is animated from very small to large size. That being said, you have plenty of AR stickers to use and you surely can find something that will work for you.

I personally preferred Moodys, because for me it was all about the faces, and I like the art style and animations of Moodys better. Slapstick has a great art style as well. It’s colorful, lively with entertaining animations. It can take a boring scene and inject life into it. It’s great experimenting with it. It’s usually among those type of apps that you just keep installed on your device and use it when you get an opportunity to make something fun with it. For example, when I saw the fire extinguisher in my room, I opened the app straight away and put that funny fire effect and crying face on it, it looked epic!

The app comes with a built-in camera app that allows you to record videos (long press) or take a picture (tap). Once you are happy with the results you can share those images and videos on your favorite social media, whether it’s Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.


As you can see, I liked Slapstick. It’s a great little app for those who want to have fun with AR stickers. If you want the share your apps and get feedback, you can do so by tagging your social media slaps with #slapstickapp. There are several of them already tagged on Twitter and Facebook, but not many, with might suggest that not so many people use it, at least not as of the time of writing this article.

Those type of apps rely on people sharing their creation on already popular social media and prefer using their power to get exposure. However, by doing so, you miss many great opportunities to create a great community around your product. This again leads me to believe that this is just an app that was designed to test the market, not one that even its developer sees a great future for it.

I can relate to that, it’s really hard to be successful in the AR sticker category as a standalone app unless you really bring something different and cool to the market. Something that from the start will make you want to create a dedicated social network around it like Snapchat did.

Overall, it’s a fun AR sticker app to have, I have it installed and I will continue using it, for now. The app is free, so I do recommend trying it out.

Download Slapstick app from the app store here (iOS: iPhone and iPad).