Balls and Bombs AR game

Balls & Bombs AR – Game Review (iOS)

I stayed wake up at night to read some mixed reality technical articles. It was already 6 in the morning and I’ve decided to take a break and try a new casual AR game. Cam across a game called Balls & Bombs AR.

Bombs & Bombs AR, like its name suggests, is all about, well, balls and bombs. The goal is to try to catch as many baseball balls flying towards you while avoiding getting hit by bombs. Bombs can be avoided by moving the device to the side or by tapping on the screen to shoot them down.

You have three lives. If you miss a ball or a bomb hits you, you lose one life. Well, that’s about it, oh, and there is a global leaderboard as well.


I didn’t expect much from this game but because I didn’t have time for anything more complicated than this, I’ve decided to give it a try. I usually don’t enjoy playing games where I need to move the device to catch fast moving objects, however, it really depends on the ball’s trajectory horizontal and vertical range, as well as the height I need to play the game at.

For example, playing table tennis game is terrible with handheld AR, because you need to use it at waist level and the horizontal play area is quite wide. You shouldn’t forget that the device is your window to view the AR content. So playing a table tennis game felt like trying to watch TV with someone moving the TV to different locations the whole time, not what I called a good TV viewing experience 🙂

In this game, you can put which location to put the ball and then tap to start the game. The ball then will be thrown in a relatively tight horizontal and vertical angle, so you can still feel comfortable playing it. It reminds me of playing the goalkeeper simulator AR game while back. It was actually quite fun.

Anyway, after playing a few minutes and failing miserably (getting like max 3 points). I got the hang of it, and it actually was a good morning exercise. I eventually was able to score 15 points and was proud of myself, it wasn’t easy.


Balls & Bombs AR was a fun game to play in the morning and get a bit of exercise, but this is not a game that I will get back to play. Nothing there motivates me to try it again. It’s a fun game to play when you really have nothing to do and just feel like checking out some casual AR games or you are really competitive and want to try to get the first place in the global leaderboard, for whatever reason.

Anyways, after spending so much time reading about the Magic Leap One, I need to refresh things up and get back to reality and try out new AR experience.

The game has bad sound effects, no background music or a character that throws the balls to keep you excited while playing, it also has bugs which sometimes make the ball fly way above you or far away from you. Well, it is a very simple AR game, as I said, I wasn’t expecting much so I can’t say that I am disappointed.

So, if you want to play an augmented reality catch game, you can try this one out, it’s also free.

Download Balls & Bombs AR from the App Store here (iPhone and iPad).