New Magic Leap One Game

New Magic Leap Game in the Making by Dan Miller

Just came back from Twitter and seeing a little game that Dan Miller, a game developer is working on.

Just seeing developer start developing for this new platform excites me.  One of the most obvious things that pop up is that now you can actually see the developer interacting with the augmented content with his own hands, one hand holding the controller and the second one interacting with the green mosquito.

Here’s is the related Tweet.

I don’t know about you, but a person like me that spend thousands of hours holding a device in his hand experiencing augmented reality. this is a huge deal.

Dan just gives us a little glimpse here but I am sure that whatever he is going to come up with is going to be exciting, especially for those who love gaming and seeing how this technology works in games in the first time, and this is most of us 🙂

I think that you can even judge the Magic Leap One until you get to see a wide range of applications for it. I am not talking just about those who were bundled with the glasses but those who are developed by talented developers from all around the world who waited for this moment. If you are not among those who are convinced and still very skeptic, just give it time.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the apps and how well developers are able to use the technology to realize these types of experience that unleash the potential of the system for all its uses. This can be used to create a magnificent audio-visual experience that ignites different emotional, apps that improve our productivity, games that entertain us in ways that we haven’t experienced before, apps that let us consume multimedia content in more immersive and exciting new ways,  etc.

The Magic Leap technology opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities and opportunities for developers and creators to realize new ideas into the world, that until now due to previous platform restrictions, weren’t possible to make.

The Magic Leap One is designed for indoor use, so we can expect developers to create apps that are aimed for indoor use. Although I personally excited about seeing the technology used in outdoor use, indoor is a good place to start. We get to see apps that focus on more intimate experiences, one that will probably focus on virtual content interacting with your private surrounding and the user, rather than emphasizing on public and external content with contextual awareness. Those type of apps will require access to AR Cloud, which as for now, I am not quite sure if Magic Leap even have a live solution that can answer many of the needs for these type of applications (I’m still investigating this topic).

There is also the scanning range limitation of the headset. I’ve seen a video review where one of the users said that the headset wasn’t able to scan the ceiling area above him, which was quite high, but still, it shows that there are some restrictions that might prevent the ML1 to work efficiently for outdoor use.

Anyways, we are living in exciting times. Be sure that once those game and apps are released, I’ll be here to talk about them and analyze them thoroughly. Until one day that I hope I can put my hands on one this headset myself.