Hamburger Maker AR – Game Review (iOS)

I was very excited when I came across that Hamburger Maker AR game on the App Store. The screenshots look great and tasty and I thought I was looking at a simple version of Overcooked in augmented reality or something similar.

In Hamburger Maker AR you can make, well, hamburgers, you guessed it right. After you launch the app you can place a huge hamburger making case on a surface and start making hamburgers.

Hamburger Maker AR

The interaction is very simple, you can drag ingredients like pickles, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, olives and more on the hamburger, add some sources like ketchup and mustard as well. You can pick up beef, fish or chicken patties and cook them on the cooking pan. Once its ready, you can grab it using a kitchen utensil and put it on your hamburger. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can put a bun on top. Then click the forward button to get some confetti effects.

frying hamburger on a pan

Wait, what, that’s it? Well, unless I’m missing something, this is the “game”. Yes, very disappointing for an app that calls itself a game. I mean, the kitchen presentation is nice but other than that it’s a complete disaster.

The virtual kitchen is huge. This means that you need to put it in a large empty space if not, it will just ruin the immersion and make the scene look fake. Second, the interaction is awkward, just tapping on the ingredients and they move automatically at the top of the hamburger.

Hamburger ingredients

Third, what’s the point of making a hamburger? Is it just for toying around with a hamburger simulator? I found it totally boring. Yes, you can take a photo of you amazingly-looking hamburger but once you finish you look at the app and ask yourself why you even spent a second on it. The cooking doesn’t feel real because the interaction is semi-automatic. I can imagine this being fun with hand recognition but hand input methods don’t work well in handheld AR, because you use your hands to hold the device. There is no social aspect to the game. I first thought there is after reading the description about the “winner of the hamburger emoji debate”, whatever this means.

It feels like the developer just saw a nice set of 3D content, bought it and just added some minimal interactions and call it a day.

There is nothing in this app that really worth your time to be completely honest. It’s also buggy believe it or not. The developer put a limit on how tall you can stack the hamburger ingredients but doesn’t stop you from stacking up more ingredients indefinitely. At some point, I tried to put the last bun on top, but it didn’t let me. The meat on the pan was also not responsive. I tried to delete ingredients from the stack but still, I wasn’t able to complete the hamburger.

Well, this time the cover was really nice, but the content was very disappointing. You can safely skip this game.

P.S. I didn’t even mention the surface detection rectangles that stay visible during the experience.

You can download the game from the App Store here (iPhone / iPad)