Catty Crush AR Game

Catty Crush – Game Review (iOS)

Catty Crush is a Candy Crush-style game where you need to shoot catch matching the color of the target cats. The more cats you remove the higher the score multiplayer (aka combos).

The goal is to try to crush as many cats in 60 seconds as you can. There are some special cats which you need to get to the bottom to unleash rainbow mode. Rainbow mode is cats that match any color, thus allowing you to just shoot and quickly do massive combos and of course, allowing to achieve a higher score at the end of the round.

Catty Crush screenshot
Yes, Rainbow cat, let’s go!

There are also power-ups and bonus cats. For example, there is a frozen cat that freezes time for you, another one that gives you extra time and one doggy that actually reduce your score, yes, that pesky pug, be careful not to hit it.

Carry Crush can be played both in AR mode and standard mode. I found the standard mode to be a better fit for this game to be honest. The initialization process of this game was quite annoying. You need to first scan, then position the cat and then use a two-finger swipe to position it on the vertical axis. You need to do this every time you start a new level, so that process was tiring.

The flow of the game feels nice. It feels good throwing those cats quickly and watching that arcade-style score popups flashing on the screen. All that followed with sparkling sound effects that make splashing out cats a fun experience.

Catty Crush freeze time power-ups
Catty Crush freeze time power-ups

it’s a very cute game, with colorful visuals and one of those games that anyone can pick up and play.

The general goal is to try to unlock all cats. You start with Lucky, then unlocks the other like Purrkachu, Grumpy, Seuss, Furn, Meownion, and the last one, Catman. Each cat has a special requirement to unlock it. For example, to unlock Catman, you need to score 50,000 points on any level. My best one is 5016 but I know I can do much better than that. I sometimes ignore the freeze-time cat so I am not actually playing at my best as I should.

Here’s some gameplay.


Catty Crush is a fun casual augmented reality game which kids will certainly enjoy playing. Unlocking all the cats do require some time and doing good in the game. It’s a nice AR game to pick up if you just want to kill some time. The game has a nice flow and it does feel good shooting out cats in AR.

The 3-step AR initialization process was annoying for me and I found out that I prefer just launching the non-AR version to start quickly. I think it would be way better if the game just appeared in front of the user without any initial scan like in Space Blastards. I also found when I start playing, that I didn’t know that when I put the cat-like 1.5 meter from me, the game will look so small. It might seem like not a big deal, but it can annoy plays and make them just skip the AR version altogether.

Catty Crush is a paid iOS Game. I do think it’s worth it if you like this type of Candy Crush-style arcade games but as an AR game, I was less impressed. If you are searching for an AR game that kids will definitely like, I think you should download it and let them have fun with it.