Top 5 iOS AR Games of June, 2018

In this post, we’ll take a look at the Top 5 iOS augmented reality games, those whom I’ve tried during June 2018. Most of them were probably released in those days as well, as I tend to review apps the moment day are released or only a few days after.

I just want to add that unlike previous months, I got to see maybe less exciting AR games as I would have wanted, but there were some good released that definitely worth a second mention and I will add them in this Top 5 list of course.

The list is listed in no particular order. Hope you like it, have fun!

Space Blastards (Explosive AR Shooter)

Beautiful graphics in the game space blastardsSpace Blastards is a project that I was involved in and I contribute to some design ideas and many base design decisions that lead the game to become what it is now. It was built on the core of the previously released AR game called  Blasterd and turned out into an explosive and one of the most visually appealing AR shooters.

In this ARKit game, you fight to repel an alien invasion, you unlock powerful weapons, upgrade them and go fight aliens in two different games modes: the first one is a 20-level campaign, which after half of his completion, you unlock the survival mode. The game has a unique vacuum-like grab mechanic which allow the player to grab power-ups and items to power-up his abilities and help him survive longer during those tough engagement.

I haven’t reviewed is because I took part in its development, but I have written an in-depth coverage of it.  If you love shooter games, you have to try it out, and it’s free-to-play as well.

Forensic Detective (Crime-solving Game)

Forensic detective AR game screenshot

Forensic Detective brings crime scene investigation gameplay to AR in an exciting new form. The game is limited in content and it’s very short. However, it brings a new type of gameplay to AR, one that I haven’t played before.


It’s an engaging experience for those of you who love detective games and want to experience a more realistic take on this genre. I didn’t rank it high, but it’s definitely one of those AR games that you shouldn’t miss. I do hope that we’ll get to see more detective cases added to this game in future updates or a new AR game based on the same game design concept.

The Creeps! 2 (Tower Defense Game)

Eliminating many creeps

The Creeps 2 is the successor to a game that saw light 9 years back. Although not an AR marvel, the AR mode is well implemented. The Creeps! 2 is by far the most exciting tower defense game I’ve played in AR. It’s colorful, splashy, offering plenty of playable content and exciting and diverse gameplay action to go with it. It has satisfying progression and rewarding system, it’s well-balanced and above all, challenging and fun to play.

I’ve played many tower defense games in AR and I do enjoy playing this genre, although as an AR game they were less exciting. Still, this game was far more fun to play in augmented reality than in standard mobile game mode.

Speedy Card Game 3D/AR (Speed-like Card Game)

Speed card game in ARWith Speedy Card Game it was the first time I really enjoyed playing a card game in augmented reality (AR). The game was designed to well and gave me the understanding of how AR card games should be like in general.

The game does have some issues that I hope were solved since I wrote my review. I did like the card animation and the presentation of the game. The game itself is quite similar to speed and requires fast reaction and read of both your cards, the card in the middle and your opponent’s cards.

Even with some issues, it’s one of those games that you have to check out. There isn’t anything like it and this is what this game was included in my top recommended games for June 2018.

The Ancients (RTS Game)

Two upgrades ships surrounding an enemy ship

The Ancients AR is a real-time strategy AR game that managed to impress with its beautiful open sea level design, stunning artwork, epic music, and enchanting storyline.

The game wasn’t without issues and there are quite a few things that I want to see improved in future updates. However, this games is a good real-time strategy game and one of the more ambitious AR projects in this genre.

I’ve seen that the developer was aware of my review and I have a good feeling that some of the issues that I’ve mentioned will be solved in a timely manner. Whether you want to wait for those update to take place or download it right now, it’s up to you. Overall, good RTS augmented reality game.


I hope you enjoy this aggregated list of the Top 5 Augmented Reality games for June 2018.  There are other AR games out there of course and I do my best to review the most noticeable ones, those who worth my time and your time.

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