The ring in AR

The Ring, “Girl coming out of TV” movie scene Recreated in AR

Just came across an amazing movie scene replication done using ARKit augmented reality technology. The scene is from the movie The Ring, a 2002 horror movie that tells a story of a journalist who is investigating a mysterious videotape which seems to lead to deaths of anyone in a week of viewing it.

The most memorable and freightening scene in the movie, shows a creepy looking girl crawling out of the video from the TV into the room of the person who watched it.

Here is the original girl coming out of the TV scene from the movie The Ring.

Now here is the same scene as it was recreated by Abhishek Singh in augmented reality using the ARKit platform. As you can see from the video below, after the girl comes out of the real TV into his room, she starts chasing him in his apartment.

Make sure you listen to that video with high volume. Seriously, terrific job!

Now, I can definitely see more people get inspired by it and trying to realize more popular scenes in augmented reality.

Furthermore, it can show you the entertainment possibilities of augmented reality for TV series and movies when watching them on a TV or even without a real screen in front of the user. AR by itself on mobile or wearable devices can be used to help improve the storytelling experience in a way that hasn’t been used before. The

I had nightmares days after watching that scene for the first time, I remember although understanding that this was just a scene, that maybe that girl will come to hunt me after watching the movie itself. Presenting virtual characters as part of the real world, enriches the viewing experience and makes it more tangible and even interactive. It’s not just you going to the movie, the movie now comes to you as well.

This enables the creation of a truly enchanting viewing experiences that create a more distinct and emotional connection between the content that is presented in the film and the person who watch it, in such a way, that the viewing experience is more believable and like the entire experience is happening here and now.

Always great to see how creative people can be using new technologies. Can’t wait to see how AR will enhance out movie viewing experience in the future.

Image credit: By Cygomezm [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons