AR Chief Trump – App Review (iOS)

When I came across the app AR Chief Trump, I thought it’s going to be yet another trying-to-be-funny uninspiring mobile app using a virtual character that resembled the look and voice of Donald Trump, but this app actually surprised me. I actually had some good laughs using it.

In fact, AR Chief Trump (not taking any political side) is one of the most amusing AR apps I’ve tried to date. Gear2 Studio has done an incredible job turning Trump into your an interactive digital doll. Everything, starting from the 3D character design, voice narration, and animation is made so well. The app features a high-quality 3D cartoon character of Donald Trump with great animations and voice acting and emphasize on Trump’s unique body language and well known verbal expressions.

Virtual Donald Trump funny character
A funny interactive Donald Trump virtual character.

I love apps where you get to interact with well-designed interactive characters which make it easier for the viewer to emotionally connect with the characters on screen. Unfortunately, I’ve seen that only in a few AR apps like that. For example, like in Take That Elf!, HotStepper, The Condor, and Happy! AR.

Obviously, it’s much more fun when you can actually interact with the characters. In AR Chief Trump you can actually do this using screen gestures like tapping, swiping, hold-and-drag, pinching, double-tapping, etc. Each one of those gestures, when done on Trump character, will yield a different animation, followed by funny voice narration and jokes. There are also more options available on the side menu.

Donald Trump in Augmented Reality

So there I was, sitting in the living room with that Saturday awkward mood.  I was definitely in a mood where some entertainment wouldn’t hurt. I launched the app and spawned Trump right in my living room. Trump starts to interact with you immediately. I start pinching and scaling him, dragging him around in the air, teleporting him and was laughing out loud for every new reaction.

The developer emphasizes the humoristic animation and narration based on Trump’s unique body language and way of expression.  I am aware of Trump’s body language when I see him speak. He has some hand movement and facial expressions that are unique to him. It’s funny When you see Trump’s own body language and verbal familiar phrases being overused and exaggerated. I don’t know about the farts, but it is funny hearing farting spontaneously from time to time.

Donald Trump virtual character upside down

I remember really enjoy poking the Elf character in Take That! Elft, but with AR Chief Trump app it was even more entertaining.

In this AR app, you can see Trump sings, dance, tell jokes and react to you. Best of all, because this is an augmented reality, you can have someone get into the frame and take a video of him with Trump doing his funny stuff.

This is by far the funniest and most entertaining “virtual president” app that I’ve tried to date. AR definitely enhances the experience by making the character feel very much alive in your personal space and its interaction making so it feels like the virtual character is aware of your presence.


If you feel like having a good laugh, I highly recommend downloading AR Chief Trump. It doesn’t matter where you use it, it’s just a simple and very entertaining app, especially if you are familiar with Trump’s unique way of saying things and his body language.

This humoristic experience is definitely enhanced due to AR. I’m sure that there are many people who would have wanted to bring Trump to a visit in their own home and now you actually have a chance to do just that. However, instead of talking politics, you are just going to have a good quality and fun time with President Trump.

Download AR Chief Trump for iOS here and for Android here.