Snapchat’s Snappables – AR Game Lenses

Today I’ve tried out Snapchat’s latest feature called Snappables. Snappables uses the front camera and allows people to play AR games.

Snapchat's Snappables mini game
Playing the bunny jumping game.

Snapchat’s other feature called AR Lenses also added an option for interactivity, and this gaming feature is built straight into the Snapchat app.

To activate it, you need to use the front camera, tap on your face and Snappables game icons will appear for you to interact with.

Snappables are kind of AR selfie mini-games which you can play alone or head-to-head versus other players. These are essentially new types of lenses for playing augmented reality games.

I’ve tried them all and each one and one of them was very entertaining. If Snapchat’s AR features weren’t cool enough, Snapchat always tries to innovate and bring new features every so often.

I particularly liked the bunny that jumps over the clock’s minute’s hands with your real face stuck inside a bunny avatar. All of those games rely on some sort of facial expression or head movement but they also support touch as well.

Here, take a look at the promotional video Snapchat released just a few days ago.

Snapchat is a fantastic app that makes great use of augmented reality to deliver a unique and highly entertainig social experience.

The games are really simple and therefore accessible to everyone. The games don’t require a large time investment, a game session can last a few seconds. The other great thing is that you don’t need an iPhone X for it, it worked even on my old iPhone 5S smartphone.

This is definitely not what I call quality gaming experience but I know that I will log every day to check out the latest Snappables AR mini-games.