Samsung Galaxy S9 AR Features First Impressions

Today I went to a store in Seoul to check out the Samsung Galaxy S9. Of course, I was interested to test out the AR feature.

When I got to the store there were like ten Galaxy S9 waiting to be tested.  I don’t know Korean, but there was a visual guide so it was quite straightforward.

Galaxy S9 AR features explained, in Korean
A guide (in Korean) that explain about the AR feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

I activated the S9 camera app, clicked the AR tab at the top.

AR Menu Galaxy S9
The AR tab in Galaxy s9

The features that I tested were a Snapchat like overlayed AR props (e.g. glasses, hat, etc.) and an iPhone X like Animoji.

Playing with S9 Animoji feature
Playing with S9 Animoji feature

The Animoji was accurate and fun and aside from some customization options, I wasn’t that thrilled with it. I mean, there isn’t anything original. I will probably go back to the store and play with it again and see what features I might have missed.