Word Vomit 3D

Word Vomit 3D – Game Review (iOS)

An hour ago I browsed through the App Store and came across a funny app called Word Vomit 3D (“Vomit” – eject matter from the stomach through the mouth). Thie app turns everything you say into 3D words that bounce and pile up in front of you in augmented reality.

Now, obviously it’s a very gimmicky app, but I find it really funny. It’s funny not because of what the app does, but because what came out of my mouth when I play it. It’s also funny seeing your silly words taking shape.

The developer also added a little mini-game to the mix. I’ve started saying some random words and instead of words, some 3D object popped out with the shape of the words I’ve just said. For example, if you say the word “cat” a 3D model of a cat will pop out; if you say the word “bicycle”, the app will throw a 3D bicycle object instead of the word itself

Now, this is the cool part. There 34 different secret words to discover. you can see your progression on the achievements screen (tap the trophy icon on the top-left). This is a great idea that caused me to speak nonsense for over 15 minutes straight, but I was only able to discover 5 words. I am not going to let you know all the words, I’ll let you discover it yourself. Tip: you can discover some of those words by looking at one of the screenshots on the game’s page on the App Store.

It’s great seeing what ideas developers are coming up with. With this idea, the app is slightly more entertaining. Without it, I would probably uninstall it after 2 minutes. You can use this app to create some funny short videos.

I’ve also read on the official website that the developer plans to release an update 1.1 on January 12th that adds Face ID and front-facing camera vomiting, Aryzon headset support, and more prizes.

By the way, what I liked the most about this app is actually the iOS permission request presentation once you start the app. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it, very original, funny and so cool. Kouds to the developer thinking about such an original idea.

TIP: Oh, one last thing. I wasn’t smart and forgot to record the gameplay video with the mic audio. If you intend to share a short gameplay with others, just make sure your screen recorded captures the microphone audio as well.

You can download Word Vomit 3D from the App Store here.