AR thank you letter

Making AR Art with Paper Lightbox – My AR thank you letter

I enjoying creating, and I love art. Today I’ve decided to show my appreciation to both Dumpling Design, the developer of Smash Tanks! and Wdnjie Hu, the developer of Paper Lightbox.

I reviewed both apps on my blog but I’ve decided to do something special to show my love for these two apps. I usually don’t do this, but after having the chance to use Paper Lightbox, I thought this is a good idea to create something special and share my gratitude two these two talented developers. So this is my Augmented Reality Thank You letter.

It’s a short video, but I hope that the message is delivered. I know how to appreciate good AR apps and I appreciate the effort you put into making those great apps. I wanted to thank you for making these two amazing apps and I hope more people will download and try them out.

Here is the video

See you in the next post.