Thank you

A Little Thank You Letter

I have to thank each one and one of you. When I opened up this blog, I didn’t expect to meet so many great people. I’ve met so many great people in the AR community, including developers and AR enthusiast who are excited about AR like me.

I see myself as a creative person who loves sharing thoughts, ideas, and emotions. In the past couple of years, I found myself being more online than doing anything else. However, I never felt alone, when you have a bit of online social presence, you get to meet people that you otherwise wouldn’t have met.

It makes me smile every time I see someone tweet my tweets, liking my posts on Facebook and sending me messages on Twitter. Those who I am in direct contact and read this know who they are.

I want to thank each one and one of you who helps support my little website. Believe me when I say that every little support helps. Talking to you guys make me feel even more motivated. I wake up every day with new strengths and loaded with ideas.

I put all that positivity and energy to bring you great content and share my enthusiasm about AR with everyone who cares to listen. It’s amazing how wonderful it is being part of a community that evolved around a certain technology. I’ve seen in in VR and I experience the same in AR.

Yes, this industry is still in its beginning but new advanced technologies are emerging every day that help to push this Augmented Reality industry forward. It wasn’t a long time ago, just a couple of months, that I’ve played the first AR game. I remember that moment, it was magical. This ignited me to create this blog and share my enthusiasm about AR with you guys.

I just had to write this post to thank you, because you are really are amazing people and I just can’t thank you enough.  Don’t forget to stay in touch. Cheers.