Pool outdoors in augmented reality

Playing pool outdoors in nature using augmented reality

I went to a nearby park today to play some augmented reality games. I don’t have cellular connectivity, only Wi-Fi, so I’ve decided to pre-download several games that I can play outside.

One of those games was Kings of Pool. It’s not an AR game, but this pool game has a dedicated AR mode that uses ARKit. I’ve already played it indoors and really liked it, but it was way more fun playing it outdoors and in augmented reality.

It’s great playing pool while listening to the birds outside and enjoying the beautiful lake view before sunset. It was a really mesmerizing experience and I can’t wait to go out and try it again.

Here is a video I took earlier today showing me playing a pool game (not by the rules though and all by myself) near a calm lake with ducks walking around the table.

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