HeadSquare AR game

HeadSquare AR Multiplayer Game Preview (iOS/ARKit)

HeadSquare promotes itself as an AR multiplayer game. This is the main reason I was interested in reviewing it. However, I’ve tried several times to find lobbies where other people play with no success. This came to me as a surprise because the game supports cross-play between Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, HoloLens and ARKit (iPhone or iPad). This is why I will leave this article as a preview, not a full review as I a planned to do.

HeadSquare singleplayer game mode, screenshot
HeadSquare singleplayer game mode

Apparently, there are just not many people playing the game or playing it at the same time as I am. This is a problem with multiplayer games that lack a large player base, you just found yourself without anyone to play against.

The good news, if I can call it like that, is that there is a single-player mode. In that mode, the goal is to try to get the highest score possible by trying to hit the ball using a moving paddle. You get points for hitting the ball, but you receive most points for hitting the hole in the wall or its surroundings. The right side of the hole will give you 10 points, the left side 50 points, putting the ball in the hole will grant you with 75 points.

The game takes place inside a small closed chamber with only your side of the room without a wall. You need to make sure that the ball doesn’t pass the paddle or you lose a life and losing three lives means game over.

From time to time the game pops up some power-ups like making the ball small or big, slow or increase its speed, dark mode, barrel mode (part of the area is hidden by a barrel with fire), heart (get an additional life).

Once I start playing it, I could easily tell that this game was designed for VR, specifically for Gear VR, because the way you interact with the UI. You just put the cursor on the UI element and wait a few seconds to interact with it, it’s either switching a checkbox on or off or clicking a button. These are definitely bad UI navigation controls for Augmented Reality.

What I did like about the game is its unique design. It looks like a cool physical game that you put on a table and play.I like the metal look and the textures of the ball and the floor. It made me feel like an alien race kidnapped me and now testing my human abilities on their spaceship 🙂

The game is difficult because of the slight delay of the paddle movement in relation to the movement of your iPhone or iPad device. There is also a button on the right that triggers a forward push movement for the paddle, allow you to hit the ball harder and move it faster.

I think that the unique level design and the use of different power-ups are what makes HeadSquare AR feel interesting to play. I wish I could play the multiplayer mode but as of the time of writing, I wasn’t able to play with anyone.

I hope that after writing this article more people will be aware of it and maybe, just maybe, I can find someone to play again. The thing is that there aren’t many multiplayer AR games and in the ones that I’ve tried, you don’t play against someone, but both play in parallel and compete who gets the highest score. It could have been might first real 1-vs-1Multiplayer ARKit title that I’ve played.

Anyways, here is a link to the game in the App Store. I hope you guys will download it so we can play together sometime. Once I get to experience the multiplayer mode, I will continue and write an in-depth review of this game.