BMW Augmented Reality

BMW i Visualizer App – i3, i3s, and i8 in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can be a great visualization tool, allowing users to view and inspect product in the comfort of their home. BMW entered Augmented Reality with its new BMW i Visualizer app. You can literally deploy your own virtual BMW auto showroom wherever you are. This app allows users to explore three different BMW cards, including the BMW i3, i3s, and i8.

The virtual cars are deployed in the real world in their real life-size representation using Apple’s ARKit Augmented Reality technology. Therefore this app is only compatible with the latest Apple iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 11.0 operating system.

BMW interiors in Augmented Reality
Very detailed interior 3D model of the BMW i3s.

You can spawn the car in your house, but if you have a small space, it’s better to go outside and test it out in a large real-world environment. The whole idea is to give you a taste how the car looks from both the outside and the inside without even needing to go to an exhibition or retail store.

The app allows you to alter the interiors, exterior colors and the wheel rims with a press of a button.All those adjustments are all available in real life for your chosen BMW car. I was also able to turn on the car’s lights by tapping on them, open the car’s door and trunk, turn on the radio and even turn on the windshield wipers.

BMW i3s trunk in Augmented Reality
Check out the trunk space, see if it fits your needs.

Due to the fact that it’s in AR, users can easily move into the interior and inspect up close. All three BMW 3D models were designed with high-resolution textures, so you can see how the upholstery looks like in great details. You can step in also to “feel” the interior and see if you like it or not.

BMW i8 interior 3D model in Augmented Reality
Very detailed interior let you inspect every part of the car up close.

Just keep in mind that these are not all the available customizations. The app links to the full range of the configuration options on website, where you can find all the information needed, including pricing, detailed car’s specs, etc. The website also allows buyers to change and adjust the colors of the car, the wheels, upholstery, trims, add a moonroof, etc. However, these are just photos and it won’t give you the same real-life experience that Augmented reality (AR) embarks.

BMW i Visualizer is available in 21 languages, so you won’t have any problem using the app using your own native language.

The car rendering looks really nice but it didn’t look as photorealistic as the car rendering in the AR mode in Car Racing 2. In CR2 AR mode, I was able to change the lighting reflection of the car, so it looked much more realistic when I placed it in a well-lit outdoor environment with direct sunlight. BMW encourages users to place the car without direct sunlight. I guess this is because the light rendering was meant to look great in a well-lit area without direct sunlight.  The main reason that we are limited to this type of rendering is that ARKit doesn’t support ambient reflections read from real physical objects in the real world. Without reflections, the car wouldn’t look that impressive externally—therefore it had to be artificially reproduced.

You can download the BMW i Visualizer app free from the US App Store here.