Santa Twerking Instagram effect for XMAS

Santa Nose Dance Twerk Instagram Filter – How to get it?

There is a new Santa nose twerking Instagram filter in town. Well, it’s not butt dancing but belly dancing this time around.

This new Xmas Instagram face-effect is called “Santa Tummy TWRK”. This time, you see Santa Claus on your nose with belly movement animation. The animation of the nose is automatic, you don’t actually need to move your nose. It’s done virtually in augmented reality using software called Spark AR Studio. Software for making Instagram camera effects and filters.

This effect developed by WOW! Filters (my other channel). Here is an Instagram post of the effect in action.

As you can see, Santa is dancing to the music as the nose moves his belly. You can also raise your eyebrows, and this will make the Santa Claus drawing to stretch and it looks like Santa himself is raising his eyebrows and his eyes get larger, pretty cool!

How can you download this Santa Twerk Christmas effect on your mobile phone?

To download and get the Santa TWRK nose effect, you need to follow WOW! Filters on Instagram. This will unlock all of the filters, including Santa Tummy TWRK one.

Another option is to visit WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom) on Instagram and tapping on the filter’s tab. This is the button with the smiley face icon. Then you’ll get to see all the available AR filters there. Just search for the Santa TWRK one (should appear at the top ones) and tap on it to start using it.

Tap the SAVE button to save it to your camera so you can use it even if you are offline, like on a plane or a remote location where the Internet is not available or not allowed.

Enjoy this Xmas filter and Merry Christmas!