TWRK Nose Drawing Booty Dance Instagram Filter

Today I tried TWRK Instagram filter for the first time. I was off a bit and decided to take a look at what’s happening on the Spark AR Community page on Facebook. I then saw that amazing filter by Teejay Jamlang (@teijaboo09) called TWRK.

This filter puts a woman’s back on top of the nose with the buttocks being part of the nostrils and a drawing of a g-string or a control briefs type one.

TWRK nose drawing Instagram filter

The cool thing about this filter is that the booty-dance animation is done by animating the nose in 3D. What I mean is that the drawing isn’t animated using different drawing animation frames, like an animated GIF. It’s done by animating the 3D face structure.

The nose animation in TWRK IG Filter is done using blend shapes. The user doesn’t have control over that animation, only the speed. This means that once the TWRK camera effect is applied to your face, it’s animated automatically. It’s so cute to watch.

Teejay Jamlang, the developer of this filter shared statistics information about it. From what I know, this Instagram filter went viral and reaches more than 100M impressions in just a single week. Reminds me of another filter called Flying Face by Dvoshansky which I tried a few months back. That filter also went viral and reaches more than 1B impressions, insane!

How can I download and try TWRK Instagram filter?

Simple, just visit Teejay’s Instagram account. Then check his Spark AR filter’s tab (the one with the smiley face). There you can see all his filters, and of course, you can then tap and use the TWRK one and try it out.

Keep in mind that you need to have the Instagram app installed, as those Instagram camera effects only work inside the Instagram app.

You can’t see the filters on the web page itself, you need to access the account through your Instagram app. Enjoy.