Google Maps AR navigation

Trying Google Maps AR Navigation in Osaka, Japan

Yesterday I found out that I have Google Maps Augmented Reality navigation feature enabled on my device.

I launched Google Maps and gave it a go. The navigation is pretty simple and straight forward. You hold the device in front of you, Google scans the area and then start the “Live View” session. This is where you get to see the direction signs augmented on top of the camera stream. You see the distance to the location, and arrows appear nicely when you need to make a turn.

Overall, nothing too fancy, it feels experimental. I don’t think I’ll be using it again for regular navigation, but I will test it more thoroughly in the upcoming days. When I am in the street, all I need is just a quick direction note and I just go. It’s not that I need the navigation always operating and tell me where to go.

However, it depends on the street. Sometimes it’s hard to find a place, even if you have Google Maps helping you out. I tried to see whether the app will show me the right location to an entrance of a place. Well, it wasn’t as accurate as I thought it is. I didn’t know whether I need to cross the road to the other side, because the signs show a place that supposes to be in a building. If there was a notification that I need to enter a building, that would be nice, and it was a bit confusing.

I’ll try it more in the upcoming days and see if I miss anything. If so, I’ll share more information about it with you. Thanks for reading.