Beatbox Instagram filter – Create funny meme videos

Yesterday my new BEATBOX Instagram filter was approved by Facebook. This filter nothing like any other IG filter that I’ve created, and I already created close to 50 of them.

This filter is free of any visual add-ons, it’s all about the person in from of the camera and the beatboxing soundtrack.

Basically what this beatbox Instagram filter does is playing a beatbox track when users open their mouth and mute it when they close their mouth. The idea is to give people the opportunity to feel how it is like being a beatboxer, pull a prank on their friends or use it to create funny memes.

For example, like this Donald Trump meme that I did today using the ‘Beatbox’ face filter.

I love beatboxing and I always get impressed hearing beatboxers doing their thing. It’s pure vocal art in my opinion.

This, of course, inspired me to create something for Instagram. Right now I am busy making lost of Instagram camera effects like and some of my inspiration comes from my hobbies and things that I like to do. This is how I came across this idea of making a beatboxing Instagram filter. I also like memes, and this is why I brought it up because I think you can create some really cool funny videos with this IG face filter.

How can you get the Beatbox Instagram filter and use it?

Very simple. Make sure you have the Instagram app installed on your phone, either on your iPhone or Android mobile device.

Then visit my Instagram profile, and check the filter’s tab. Make sure to FOLLOW ME, so you can get notified when I release new cool filters in the future.

Then tap the ‘Beatbox’ icon and this is it, open and close your mouth and hear the beatbox soundtrack played. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and make some cool memes with it. If you do, tag me so I can share it on my stories and my highlights on my Instagram account. Thank you.