AR Ping Pong by WATTY – Gameplay video and First Impressions

Yesterday I went to Nara, a city not far from where I am right now, which is Osaka, Japan. I’ve obviously reviewed a few games and Instagram filters on the way. The first game that I tried was AR Ping Pong by WATTY Technologies. Keep in mind that the game is still in beta and I got an early version beta access to the game. This means that some of the features that you see in the game might change or even removed from the game one the game is out for iOS on the App Store.

This game is different than the previous augmented reality table tennis game that I’ve played. In this game, you control the racket using touch gestures, rather than moving the device to control the location of the racket, which is a better design choice for mobile AR.

There are issues that I had and I brought them up in the game. One this AR Ping Pong game is fully released, I’ll probably make a review about it.

Here is some gameplay (with commentary) that I shot in Nara, Japan, including long gameplay footage of me playing at Toda-ji Temple, enjoy!