Spatial playback

Spatial Playback – Spatial “Videos” in the Streets

It was a moment to behold. I was using Puppetoon to create a cool short video to add to my first impressions of the beta app when I use the playback button. I actually looked in front of me, because I thought it would play the sequence in front of me, but no, it played it from the exact location I started recording it, and then it continued the animation on the same path I was walking at – amazing!

In the future, you walk in the street and you will be able to playback any of those experiences created by other people in the same specific location they were recorded (or maybe remotely, it’s possible technically).

Here is the moment where I expected a “normal” playback and realized it’s a “spatial playback” – what a moment that was, brilliant!

Now for this to work great, we need AR Cloud for accuracy and persistence and then we are going to see tons of those pre-recorded sequences played back in the real world. It won’t be a video, but a pre-recorded multimedia show with location data recorded for the entire “spatial video”. I think that Puppetoon is a great use for that and imagine a person coming back to the same place I was, in that Japanese garden and playing back the same “video”. Imagine YouTube going outdoors and people can browse those spatial AR “video” experience in the same area they are at.

The video experience is no longer flat, and with volumetric video technology and the ability to animated virtual 3D assets, combined with other multimedia elements and with us in it, imagine all the possibilities!

This concept of running experience tight to AR cloud isn’t new, but Puppetoon was a good app to demonstrate this concept and everyone with compatible ARKit iOS device can try it out. This type of spatial playback will be used across the industry for many things, like tourist guides, guides for new employment, navigation, kid-friendly alerts, outdoors “spatial movies”, and much much more.