Ring Leader Ghost

Most Intense Boss Fight Ever in Ghostbusters World

As I continue to play the AR game Ghostbusters World and review it (already have a review-in-progress up), I am now focused on trying to reach the top places in each game mode, including Gozer’s Tower, PvP (now ar Legendary Arena) and Story mode.

At the same time, I try to farm bosses for Spirit Shards. The problem is for me is that I can’t find other people to play with, so I fight bosses all alone. This means that I can only fight them in ‘Easy’ difficulty and therefore I only get one spirit shard per fight, so it will take me ages to create a ghost from a boss.

Anyways, I continue doing this. Today I’ve decided to go to the park where I fought against Stay Puft and fight a new boss that I haven’t fought against previously, its name is Ring Leader Ghost. This ghost is huge, and even in its regular size in battles, I think it’s the tallest among all ghosts.

I didn’t know what to expect but I expected it to be as tough as Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ghost. The first fight was one of the most intense fights that I had. First, I couldn’t deal enough damage to the circle to prevent the boss’ attack, so I got hit every single time and the only thing I could do is just continue putting more damage.

Keep in mind that I fought against Ring Leader Ghost all by myself, because there was no one there fighting it alongside me. With another player, it would have been so much easier. Maybe next I time I will try to fight against it with two phones 🙂

Anyways, that fight was until the last very second, where the boss did its attack move, and I was about to get eliminated. However, the boss was very low on health, and after it hit me and I thought that I lost, I was able to put those bullets in and eliminate it before its attack register as a hit and eliminate me. This was such an epic battle, one of the most intense Ghostbusters World boss battles I fought in. Of course, it wouldn’t be that hard if someone was fighting with me, but that how it was and it turned out to be challenging and fun at the end of the day.