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Ghostbusters World Guide: Story Mode Hard Difficulty Tactics Tips & Tricks

I really enjoy playing on the story mode while playing Ghostbusters World. However, yesterday I got stuck at stage 3 fight 5 in hard difficulty, I just couldn’t pass it. I was underpowered, and I have to admit that I did count on luck to progress using my stun abilities (e.g. shock, stun, sleep).

Before I made changes to my team setup, I was using Ivo Shandor, Sandman, Fu Fang, and  Dixie. Once I figure out that I cannot progress and reach hard mode, I put Movie Theater Ghost instead of Dixie. I had Fu Fang Level 46 Rank 5, Movie Theater Ghost Level 47 Rank 5, Ivo Shandor Level 50 Rank 5, and Sandman Level 48 Rank 5 as well.

Here is a video of the first chance that I made, the second one that is described herein details will be released later on today.

So at that point, I didn’t care about healing and I went with “stun” type abilities all the way. I was able to reach until stage 3 fight 5 with this setup. However, the problem was that I was relying too much on luck while being underpowered. Movie Theater Ghost does have a leader skill that increases the team HP by 15% which is nice, but because he taunted the enemies (force the enemy to attack it instead of other ghosts and disable their special abilities – all that for two turns), he got all the damage itself and eventually was eliminated. The other problem is that you are not guaranteed to taunt the enemies, but there is a high chance (60%) for that to happen.

After trying like 15 times and failing, I’ve decided to make a new change and bring “Dixie” (a healer ghost) into the fight instead of Fu Fang. The reason I did it is that I wanted to change my tactics completely. I wanted to make my taunt ghost very tanky by increasing its health (now it’s around 22K HP) using runes and use Dixie to continue heals him as he absorbs damage.

This was a fantastic strategy that works so well and I was able to push forward and win more fights while being underpowered in terms of Combat Power (CP).

So let me explain to you how this tactic works:

  • You rely on Ivo Shandor (shock) and Sandman (sleep) stun abilities to prevent the enemy from taking a turn. Sandman has a chance to sleep the enemy for 2 turns for both his standard and special attacks, Ivo does that with his special attack for a chance for 1 turn shock for all enemies. This means that in a good scenario, Sandman can stun all enemies for 2 turns, Ivo same but for 1 turn.
  • Ivo Shandor is also a strong DPS character with high chance to inflict crit damage.
  • Movie Theater has a passive skill that can taunt the enemies for 2 turns, so the enemy can only attack it and has its special abilities off. This ghost is very tanky and supposes to absorb a lot of damage.
  • Dixie, which is the healer ghost, suppose to uses its normal attack to heal the taunting character but it’s not there for damage-dealing (DPS).

Now by doing so, you can prolong the fight and continue to heal, use special abilities to stun the enemy and also refresh your special abilities because the fight is longer. You also have the opportunity to make sure you reach the next stage with special abilities ready because you can prolong the fight manually by attacking another character and not eliminating other enemy characters.

If you control it well, you will be able to win many hard fights like this while being overpowered. The next thing is to get high-grade runes and enhance them to improve the stats of your ghosts depends on their role. For example, “Movie Theater Ghost” should be very tanky, thus it’s asked that you use runes that increases its defense and HP. Your DPS Ivo Shandor should be the one that deals massive damage, so make sure he has high attack power and crit damage chance.

So this is how I did it. If you progress through the PvP or watch the ranking list, you can see that many players are using this tactic. They put a taunt ghost and make it almost impossible to destroy while having a healer that keeps healing it. The healer like dixie heals the ghost with the lowest HP, which synergizes well with the taunting ghost being the only one who can take damage.

I hope you find this gameplay strategy useful and I hope it will help you win more fights as you play Ghostbusters World PvP, Story mode, and Gozer’s Tower. good luck and please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.