ARKit 2.0

ARKit 2.0 featuring Shared and Persistent AR and USDZ File Format

Today, June 4, 2018, Apple has announced its latest major version of its iOS mobile operating system. With it, comes a major version update for ARKit, its augmented reality platform.

Every new iteration of ARKit, developers get access to new advanced features that allows them to create new immersive AR experiences.

New AR File Format

Apple introduced a new file format for AR, USDZ, a compact single file format that is optimized for sharing 3D graphics and animations. You can play those 3D objects into the real world. Apple worked with leading companies to support the new USDZ file format.

Adobe is one of the new supporters for this new file format. Adobe announced native USDZ support for its Creative Cloud services. This makes it easier for creative people and developers bring great new content using augmented reality and WYSIWYG  Augmented Reality.features. AR will now get much more accessible.

New Official Measure App

Apple also introduces a new app called “Measure”. This app was designed to measure distances and sizes of objects and spaces. There are already AR apps that do that, but this is an official app developed by Apple.  The app can automatically detect dimensions of photos and objects just by pointing the camera at them.

ARKit 2.0

ARKit 2.0 introduces improved face tracking, realistic rendering, 3D object detection, persistent experiences and shared experiences.

Apple has created a sample app using Swift that allows users and developers get a glimpse and experience with its core capabilities.

LEGO new ARKit Experience

LEGO is one of the companies whom Apple partnered with to deliver a new experience using ARKit 2.0.  LEGO wanted to create a new type of gameplay experience, and now with ARKit 2.0, they were able to create a new type of shared experience.

The app can detect physical 3D objects and combine physical and digital together to create new creative gameplay experiences.  Users can employ virtual lego buildings, objects, and characters and invite local players to spawn their character and play together in the same space with up to 4 friends.

This app shows how fun shared AR experiences can be. In the stage demonstration, one player has made a fire in one of the buildings, and the other player brought a fire truck and a helicopter and helped to deal with the fire.

Furthermore, players can save the current game as they left off and come back and play in the same exact place and where they left off.

To be continued…